Etruscan and Early Italic Fonts

I developed the first (and as far as I am aware only) comprehensive font of Etruscan and Early Italic languages for use in scholarly publications and museum exhibitions. See below for a screenshot of all letterforms currently available. I developed them from existing inscriptions in order to replicate accurately what appears on stone (thus it includes, for instance, 16 variations of epsilon) and would be happy to see the collection expand. Please contact me (james UNDERSCORE patterson AT utexas DOT edu) if you would like to have the font (it is functional on both PC and Mac, and it is free), and let me know if there are missing letterforms that you want included.


My font can be found in print in Rex Wallace’s Zikh Rasna: A Manual of the Etruscan Language (cover image below) and Michael Weiss’ Outline of the Historical and Comparative Grammar of Latin, among other places, including an Early Italic exhibit at the Ashmolean, Oxford.